Hercolubus or Red Planet


To Public Opinion
The Author: V.M. Rabolu
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Hercolubus by Rabolu

The book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” is an aid to Humanity so it can avoid its destruction due to the arrival of planet Hercolubus. Thus its sale is non-profit and does not serve to enrich anyone.

Its author, V.M. Rabolú, has written this book renouncing to any kind of material profit from the same and therefore Ediciones Humanidad (Honduras) diffuses this book at a price cost without any extra benefit whatsoever.

Likewise, Ediciones Humanidad does not edit any other book except this one, nor from any other authors, nor does reprinting of any other book. It only exclusively distributes “Hercolubus or Red Planet” by V.M. Rabolú.

Your Sincerely,
Editions Humanity (Honduras, Central America)

© 2002 Editions Humanity
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