Hercolubus or Red Planet


The Author: V.M. Rabolu
Message from the Editors
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The editors of the book “HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET” inform the media and the national and international public opinion that:

  1. It is the will of V.M. Rabolú, his heirs and the current owners of the copyrights of the book “HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET”, that the audiovisual works inspired by the same and expressed in a visual format circulating under the titles of “HERCOLUBUS: THE END OF THE TIMES” and “HERCOLUBUS II”, are NOT AUTHORIZED due to express revocation dated 24th of August of 1999 issued by the author.

  2. This is due to the fraudulent and illegal use made in these audiovisual works of the original book of V.M. Rabolú “HERCOLUBUS OR RED PLANET”, attributing dates and passages that do not appear in the original book.

  3. In so complying, it is our duty with the universal community to inform that we will spare no effort in protecting the copyrights, the integrity and veracity of his book in accordance to the national and international legislation concerning copyrights.

Given in Santa Fé de Bogotá, on the sixteenth day of the month of August of the year 2000.

© 2002 Editions Humanity
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