Hercolubus or Red Planet


The Author: V.M. Rabolu
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The Author: V.M. Rabolu

V.M. RaboluV.M. Rabolu was born in 1926 in Colombia in a simple and humble family. From his childhood he was wondered at the beauty and wisdom of Nature and devoted his working life to agriculture.

In 1952 he found the true spiritual Knowledge whilst in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta (Colombia) and soon he realized that he had before him the opportunity of reaching the internal development and improvement that many human beings long for.

With will and determination he applied himself to the practical clues that were given to him and thus he managed to advance along the always difficult path of spirituality through the awakening of the Consciousness.

As a consequence of his successful internal development, V.M. Rabolu began in the seventies a tireless task of publicly spreading the true Knowledge at an international level through lectures, courses, congresses, international meetings, etc., always in a generous and altruistic way.

In 1998, V.M. Rabolu made a last effort to help our Humanity and wrote with great personal sacrifice the book “Hercolubus or Red Planet” where, thanks to his conscious faculties, he has been able to describe in detail and without any error the terrible events that are going to take place in the short term on Earth, as planet Hercolubus approaches. He also tells us what can we do in order to avoid the consequences .

He died on 8th January 2000 in Bogota (Colombia).

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